What We Do

We select the most effective equipment, methods and materials for the application. Combined with years of experience, the latest computer technology from IRRICAD, AutoCAD and GPS mapping, we maintain a superior standard of design

Water Supply Solutions

Our staff are uniquely qualified to provide surface water and groundwater well diagnostics, troubleshooting and long term performance monitoring to assure optimal performance from water supply sources. From preliminary analysis, to design, costing and construction or construction supervision, we help our clients develop and management water and sanitation infrastructure. These include:

  • Survey and drilling of boreholes
  • Borehole camera inspection services
  • Supply and installation of water pumps (both electrical and solar powered)
  • Design and construction of town water supply systems, water treatment plants (WTP), Irrigation schemes, and institutional water supply systems (schools, hospitals, etc.)
  • Rehabilitation of water infrastructure

GIS & Mapping

We create the best geo-intelligence products that drive better decision making for various industries (Water, Energy, Humanitarian Relief Operations, Healthcare, & Financial Services) : ​

  • GIS Capacity building
  • Remote sensing and inventory
  • Spatial Analysis
  • Field data collection
  • Maps and graphic productions for all sectors
  • Web & Mobile GIS implementation
  • Database Design
  • Graphics Design
  • Custom Software Development
  • Technology & Project Management Consulting

Water solutions for mines, oil & gas

Water is an integral component of mineral, metal, and aggregate mining. OWS is at the forefront of integrated water management for mines, offering technologies and solutions that cover all phases of mine life.

  • Prefeasibility Planning and Support
  • Water supply and Wellfield Design
  • Dewatering and depressurization design
  • Surface water and groundwater resources evaluation and development
  • Subsurface characterization and monitoring of geomechanical stresses
  • Groundwater flow and contaminant transport modeling with aqueous geochemical reactions
  • Acid Rock Drainage assessment and control
  • Environmental impact assessment and site closure

Groundwater Monitoring Networks

As an essential component of water management, groundwater (GW) monitoring networks are designed to optimize the collection of vast amounts of field data during the life of a project. Our monitoring technologies provide cost effective and reliable solutions that surpass traditional monitoring methods.

  • Supply and install GW monitoring sensors, software and training
  • Map the spatial and temporal distribution of water quality
  • Monitor changes to groundwater flow from pumping, natural recharge and discharge, agricultural and industry use
  • Isolate impacts to groundwater from contaminant spills and releases
  • Present early warning of potential risks and the need for mitigation measures
  • Real-time accounting of water use and compliance with regulatory guidelines

Geothermal consulting services

We specialise exclusively in providing consulting and operational services in the exploration, development, assessment and valuation of geothermal energy. The team consists of specialists in geosciences (geology, geochemistry, geophysics, hydrology), engineering (drilling, well testing, reservoir, production, power plant, chemical), computer science and economic analysis. The speciality includes;

  • Design and implementation of exploration programs
  • Design and management of drilling projects
  • Design, execution and interpretation of well logging and testing
  • Conceptual modeling based on integration of geologic, geochemical, geophysical, drilling and well‐test data
  • Optimization of resource use
  • Design of power plants and gathering systems
  • Economic evaluation, risk appraisal and project financing support
  • Monitoring and maintenance of producing fields
  • Assistance in contract negotiations, legal proceedings and arbitrations
  • Assistance in preparation project financing proposals (i.e. GRMF)
  • Assistance to government agencies in formulating regulations and policies related to geothermal energy