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From Concept to Completion

Optimum Earth has served the East and Southern Africa energy and water industry since 2017 by supporting the complete project lifecycle and developing valued business partnerships to ensure the success of the project . We have enabled the improvement of the
economic and socio-economic framework through the development, planning and implementation of essential infrastructures in Uganda and around East Africa.

The satisfaction of our clients, the fulfilment of all current environmental and quality standards as well as the orientation of our actions to our code of conduct are our highest priority. In this Code of Conduct, we have laid down the rules for cooperation with each other and with our contractors.

It is our aim to understand and implement the needs of our customers by offering optimal solutions for the implementation of their infrastructure projects in the fields of water, wastewater, energy and transport. No matter what dimension or region of the world: we are on site with our specialists.

Water Supply Solutions​

Our staff are uniquely qualified to provide surface water and groundwater well diagnostics, troubleshooting and long term performance monitoring to assure optimal performance from water supply sources.

GIS & Mapping​

We create the best geo-intelligence products that drive better decision making for various industries (Water, Energy, Humanitarian Relief Operations, Healthcare, & Financial Services)

Groundwater Monitoring

As an essential component of water management, groundwater (GW) monitoring networks are designed to optimize the collection of vast amounts of field data during the life of a project.

Geothermal consulting

We specialise exclusively in providing consulting and operational services in the exploration, development, assessment and valuation of geothermal energy. The team consists of specialists in geosciences (geology, geochemistry, geophysics, hydrology)


Solutions for mines, oil & gas​

Water is an integral component of mineral, metal, and aggregate mining. OWS is at the forefront of integrated water management for mines, offering technologies and solutions that cover all phases of mine life.

We are Hiring !

Optimum Earth (U) Ltd is offering a graduate training opportunity to fresh university graduates with a bachelor’s degree. Not exceeding 2 years after graduation, with academic scores that reflect a potential minimum of an upper second degree.

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